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As the third of four children, I was born 1984 in Böblingen, near Stuttgart in Germany. As my mum is a passionate midwife, she was giving all kind of prenatal and postpartum classes additional to her work in the hospital. There was a room in the house where I grew up where she held classes, and almost every day pregnant women or moms with their babies visited our house to get valuable information to be well prepared for all challenges to come.

At this young age, the progress of pregnancy and becoming parents was a daily experience. I witnessed so many women becoming mom and I heard a lot when they were talking with my mother about this exciting, but also exhausting, time. I already then started to realise, that I wanted to be a midwife one day. So familiar all these questions had become to me and so clear I felt how much I could give.

As in Germany the way to become a midwife is long, and not many apprenticeship places are available, I decided to follow another training first. So I became a paediatric nurse in 2007, and I have been working in this occupation for 2 years. The feeling that I wanted to be a midwife was getting stronger again, and I started to apply to a few midwife schools.

In 2011 eventually I reached my goal, and from the school for midwifery at the University women´s hospital Tübingen graduated a newborn midwife. At this time I thought I had fulfilled all my dreams, and I started working with all my heart. During the two years that I have been working as a midwife in Germany, I was engaged in the work with postnatal care, but mainly working in the labour ward and as a freelance midwife, providing home visits.

One year after I finished my training, I had time to travel again. Once more I travelled with my backpack to the other side of the earth. This time Singapore and Indonesia were my travel destinations.

On a very small island, so small that there are no vehicles allowed and you can walk the whole island by only one hour, my life changed within only a few days. Everything started to make perfect sense and my life turned into a new direction - up to the north!

I met the love of my life on this tiny island and only 6 months after we met, I moved to him to Sääksjärvi in Lempäälä, where we are living together since then.

In August 2015 our lovely wedding took place and our life has become just like we have always wished it would be. During my first year here I visited the full-time language school Onnenkieli, and since then I manage quite well in Finnish.

As the thought to move to another country was not that new to me, the decision to move to Finland was not hard. My education made me flexible as well and to get to know new culture makes my life richer in experiences.

After the year in the language school and good results in the official Finnish language test (YKI), I was wondering how I could get started as a midwife in Finland. As I had planned to work one day in a birth centre or as a home birth midwife, I was searching for possibilities in my new home country. To my great disappointment there was no birth centre and no big home birth culture in Finland. Baffled, I accepted a job offer and worked as a nurse for a home health care service. Using the time to develop my Finnish language skills, I continued thinking about being a midwife as soon as possible again. Quickly after I started my new job, I discovered the voluntary doula group in Tamperes “Napapiiri”, and decided that voluntary work as a doula could give me an insight to the Finnish healthcare system and new inspirations about my work.

As time went by, my intentions not to be a hospital-midwife again became very clear. I didn't want to return to a workplace where I could not do what I and many other midwifes want so bad: being there for only one woman at a time.

As a midwife in Germany sometimes I was lucky and there was only one woman I had to take care for. I witnessed how much couples and especially the labouring women benefit from this intensive form of care. I know that every midwife in a hospital setting does her best, and I appreciate that a lot!

For me this alternative way seems to be right and I enjoy giving my experiences and information to families.

Also breastfeeding is a big topic, for which I find it important to spread information. This was another reason why I started my own company. Still today, there exist worldwide many misunderstandings and myths about how often and how long a baby should get breastmilk. To give clear information and security on how to manage with all these questions and information from the internet, I am working with evidence based knowledge and researched results.

Additional to my services offered on this side, you can ask for further services such as birth preparation classes, involution gymnastics or baby care classes.

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