Breastfeeding consultation

Breastfeeding is convenient, free and the healthiest way to nourish your baby

But what if it just isn`t that easy? What, if baby doesn't seem to know what to do? Breastfeeding is natural, but what if it seems just difficult and nothing works like it should? Where to get help from, when you are at home with your newborn, and the appointment in the Finnish äitiysneuvola is still so far away?

If you are in pain, or just not sure if your baby gets enough from your good milk, waiting a few days for somebody to check on you and your baby may seem way too long. Some situations and questions require fast help.

Breastfeeding needs practice

To prevent every single baby meal become like running a gauntlet, mom and baby need plenty of time and peace to practice the perfect latch. Especially in the first weeks, it is important to get help and evidence based information, so that mother and baby can learn together, and the milk supply can establish.

Women in Germany get a minimum of 10 home visits from a midwife, who helps with a wide range of knowledge about postpartum and breastfeeding. This is in Germany fully covered by the health insurance, and in the beginning the visits are daily.

A millionaire's baby who is not breastfed is less healthy than an exclusively brestfed baby whose mother is in the poorest social group.

Stuart Forsyth

Breastfeeding needs experience

While working both in the delivery room, at postpartum rooms and as a freelance midwife providing evening classes and postpartum home visits, I was guiding hundreds of women through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. The first steps to lactation and supervising moms throughout the complete time of breastfeeding are very familiar to me.

Breastfeeding was a big topic in my training. Afterwards I acquired experience and evidence based further training is very important for me.


My equipment includes visual aids (such as a demonstration doll and breast) and medical devices (baby weight scale). Additionally I have a small collection of equipment, that you can not buy from Finland. I have for example products from Medela, such as the soothing hydrogel pad and natural remedies from Wala and Weleda. Also I can provide healing teas and oils, with which I have good experiences.

All my products come from a German pharmacy, for that reason you can purchase them at reasonable cost and fast. I am familiar in using natural remedies, but can draw a line when medical help is needed.

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