A doula can be a great help to prepare for birth.

A midwife becomes a doula

Why I want to be a doula?

In other countries it is possible to choose your midwife or birthcenter, to reach the best possible support. Another way for 1:1 Care is to hire a doula.

The wellbeing of the mom is my number one priority. During my work in the delivery room I realised, that for a good birth experience 1:1 care by an empathic professional is needed. This kind of care is unavailable in a hospital environment.

In other countries such as Germany, women have plenty of other opportunities. They can choose a midwife (in-patient midwife) or go to a birth center, or they can plan a homebirth. In Finland most of these opportunities do not exist, and midwives who provide homebirths are rare. For that reason, my decision to work as a doula was easy.

Additionally, I can provide a transition midwife doula service, due to my training as a midwife. This means that you can choose to stay at home safely as long as possible before transferring to the hospital to deliver your baby. I can check on both of you, to see if baby is still happy and to check your dilatation.

A doula never leaves your side

Midwives have many other responsibilities other than you. Aside from helping care for you, the midwife is communicating with your care provider, taking care of other patients, doing the paperwork, taking breaks and a midwife’s support in the hospital ends when her shift does - even when you are just about to give birth. The doula only has one obligation the whole time she is with you, and that is you!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a known person with you, that you can trust and will not leave you?

Daddy and the doula - a great birth team

Also dad benefits from a doula. She can give information about the birth process and how to support the mom. During birth a doula can give good ideas for changing positions or massage technics.

Giving a massage continuously and helping to get back into the right breathing rhythm is exhausting, and it is good to share the work.

To replace the dad is never a doulas intention. They want to work together to make up a great labor support team. Nonetheless the pressure on the couple to miss the right time to go to the hospital is taken away by hiring me as doula.

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